Muscles are like sausages lesson

Hello world, been a while since I last posted, but they will be more frequent now that I have a new android phone. 

My first lesson today is to talk about muscles and fascia. Many time we feel aches and pains, as well as strains in the muscles of the arms, forearms, back, head, and neck area. These pains are not just a function of the muscular strain, but also we must take into consideration what minor chronic injuries like sprains and strains do to the fascia. 

First, muscles are like sausages. They are bundled together to perform a certain function. This bundling keeps them together and working in unison. Like a sausage, the muscular bundle is encased in varying thickness layers of fascia. So in a sense the fascia and muscle can move independently of each other which can lead to friction between the two.

The doctor is always telling people to stay hydrated, “8 cups of water or more” a day. Well here is one reason why that adage still holds. Hydration keeps the fascia from sticking to the muscle or bone, or adhering to those surfaces. Adhesion can cause muscular pain, nerve entrapment (causing peripheral nerve pain) and irritation. Adhesive type chronic injuries include, Morton’s neuroma of the sole of the foot, adhesive capsulitis (aka frozen shoulder), simple sprain and strains of musclature, and back pain of all kinds. 

Masseuses may work on the muscular component, but it is important that they address the fascial components with techniques such as deep tissue.

When the fascia has adhered to the muscle or surrounding structures they can cause the area to become inflammed and induce swelling. When the swelling begins to affect structures based on the lesion taking up space then you may get conditions like true carpal tunnel syndrome in the hand or tarsal tunnel syndrome of the medial ankle.

Many people have muscle pains that they live with everyday, but just a little knowledge of the body can help bring you and your family closer to optimal health.

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It’s about that time again….Snow!

Yesiree, it is nearing the time of year where all the snow bunnies and boarders go up to the mountains and pay $60-100 to get sunburn on the lower half of their face and neck. It also means it is about the time I take my dog up to Mammoth, or more specifically June Mountain.

One of the things I enjoy most about those trips is that when you eat meat, you are almost assured that the cattle is free range. If you drive towards Bishop you’ll notice the vast nothingness and cattle feeding surrounded by mountains on one side and desert on the other. Don’t be fooled, meat here is (dare I say) better here than in the midwest. I am talking about the best bacon you’ve ever had, next to healthy portions of succulent red meat.

However, on these trips I have also noticed the great variety of other meat sources. For instance, not far from the Lone Pine entrance to mount Whitney is a cafe where you can get Buffalo meat.

Yes I said it, buffalo, meat. It actually tastes better than red meat. It has more omega-3-fatty acids, which are important to the regulation of your nervous system. This is because of the type of feed, lack of industrialized meat packaging plants, and the free-range life of the animals. As much as industrialization has helped us to overcome the Nazi’s in WWII, it has also become the bane of healthy nutrition.

Trust me when I say that Buffalo meat is leaner but cooks up juicier. Notwithstanding the meaty taste is incredible. Another alternative meat choice that I have sampled would be Ostrich meat. Doesn’t sound appealling, but not disgusting either. I found the taste enjoyable, but strange. It’s like eating a piece of red meat but with a chicken texture to the red meat. Interesting, but somehow as I ate it I could distinctly tell I was eating some kind of bird.

Next on my list, alligator meat…..

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Ley Lines… Acupunture for Mother Earth?…. Also RIP Joe Frazier

Funny how I just posted about Smoking Joe Frazier because of a program I watched about him and Ali the day before and without knowing that he had passed away yesterday. I guess that’s what you call Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon (see previous post).

I have a curious mind. I want to know a little about everything out there. When I came across some anthropological texts about Ley lines years ago, I didn’t much pay enough attention. However, when I started to study other subjects that overlap with the idea of ley lines the things I had learned about them came rushing to the surface from the back recesses of my mind.

What are Ley lines. Well, geographically, ancient man seemed to be a collective genius. Somehow people that our history says were our ancient forefathers, illiterate caveman who picked berries, hunted wild animals, grunted at each other, and clubbed their women seemed also capable of advance mathematics, acts of engineering that baffle even the most skilled modern scientists, and could geographically place cities in such a way as to mimic exactly the position of the stars. Ley lines are considered like the energetic pathways of the known earth. They seemingly connect ancient burial sites with great ancient cities to ruins of civilizations many miles apart. From examples like the poisitioning of the great pyramids or the monuments of Easter Island they are one of those out of place artifacts (OOPA) or mysteries that can’t be solved by our microcosmicly narrow view of our immediate surroundings.

How do differing cultures encompassing various points in time over the last 10,000 years seem to build structures that have a seemingly definite geographical relation, creating a pattern unbeknowest to them. Are Nazca lines random? Is the fact that the Giza pyramids geopgraphical layout mirrors exactly that of Orion’s belt (also the great ancient cities of Mesopotamia Eridu, sipar, and shupurrak share the same geographical layout) also just mere coincidence?

Although I am not anthropological scientist, I am a doctor with some study in alternative forms of medicine and treatment. Acupunture, I have found, has similar misunderstood intracacies and mysteries that cannot be understood with the narrow logic of modern science, but humans are trained to recognize patterns. That this baffling pattern has been seen from space and cannot be easliy explained away is similar to acupuncture with its myriad of energetic pathways leads me to believe that whoever built these ancient sites either had the knowledge of one who can view the earth’s energetic pattern from above, or that these sites have inherent magnetic/spiritual power that our earlier ancestors were drawn to. Neither explains the mysteries of this world, but they do lead us to throw down some of the conventional ideas about history, modern and ancient man, etc.

Let us propose for a moment that the earth as a whole is an organic being like a human (gives new meaning to Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man), if acupunture has some efficacy on a human wouldn’t the presence or absence of certain structures along certain pathways maybe act in some way (either positively or negatively) as acupunture for mother earth. I am not clever enough to come up with such an assessment all by myself, and this idea has been suggested by other scholars of various expertise.

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What’s a stinger, burner? Frazier v Ali and concussions.

If you’ve ever played football or watched it on TV you may have heard the announcer say something to this effect:
‘Looks like he’s got a stinger, so he’ll sit out this series’

So what is that and why does it keep your favorite player off the field. Though it is neurological in nature, a stinger/burner aka nerve pinch injury is not like a concussion (though both may happen with the same kind of hit) and shouldn’t require the player to miss the rest of the game as the rules state for NFL games.

When the bones of the neck are forcefully pushed to one side, as in the head and neck trauma that goes with every proper tackle, the nerves of the brachioplexus can be stretched or pinched (depending on the direction of the lateral head movement at the time of impact). These nerves are responsible for the moving the muscles in the arms, shoulders, forearms and legs (upper extremities) as well as sensation in the skin areas of the arms and hands. If they are injured by stretching or pinching (impingement is a better word) it can lead to symptoms of burning-like sensations, sharp nerve pain, and a temporary inability to functionally use ones hand and arm on one side.
Stingers rarely affect both arms simultaneously, though corresponding injuries to the musculature of the opposite side of the soft tissue also must be considered. Often players will not be able to raise their arms because the nerve has been agitated and time is needed to recover the function. Very much like when your leg falls asleep it takes a few seconds for the blood flow to get back into the legs, though in this case the refractory period is longer becuase an nerve has been injured.
Repeated stingers on the same side can lead to weakness and loss of function. Like a string that has been pulled taut to the point of snapping, the nerve has been elongated in a short period of time and though it did not snap, regaining its electrical conductance takes some time.

However, unlike a concussion, the player may return when the pain has subsided and they can again use the limb. Concussions happen when the brain bounces off the walls of the cranium too violently causing neurological symptoms to occur. This can lead to abnormal headaches from possible swelling inside the cranium, nausea, nystagmus or strabismus of the eyes. Concussion are dangerous especially if they happen repeatedly and though many teams like the Steelers may find ways to circumvent the law by saying the player suffers from “concussion-like” symptoms and did not have a concussion is just a way of keeping a player, who probably shouldn’t be medically cleared to return to the field, in the game. I think independent neurologists not affiliated with any team should be one the sidelines of football games from the Pee Wee to the Pros, becuase repeated concussions can be not just fatal, but also endangers the person’s quality of life. If anybody wants to see what repeated concussions can do to a person watch “The Thrilla in Manilla” a documentary on the last Muhammed ALi v. Joe Frazier boxing match. Notice how “Smoking” Joe Frazier stares wide -eyed at his own footage, and we all know that Ali has Parkinson’s but the extant to which his maladies were affected by the outcome of that boxing match is debatable.

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Physician Assisted Suicide in Oregon

The Death With Dignity Act has been effect for over a decade in Oregon. This means that in the state of Oregon, terminally ill patients may be prescribed lethal doses of certain drugs approved for physician assisted suicide. Whether you are a health care professional of any kind, have a family member who is terminally ill or suffering, or just an ordinary citizen with no opinion in the matter this is a program that has ramifications not just in the US but the whole international medical community. Everybody dies sometimes right?

First let us be fair, proponents of the Death with Dignity Act abhor the word suicide because they wish to distinguish themselves from that demographic group that is young, without medical illness, and usually a result of depression or other psychiatric conditions. Even Jack Kevorkian was sure to exclude those cases which he deemed psychological rather than a defined terminal illness with biological measurables.

Patients must make two separate requests 15 days apart, must be free of mental condition, must have two non-medical witnesses and any physician who questions a patients reasons for having a lethal dose of phenobarbital, along with secobarbital the two most commonly prescribed medications, may send that patient for a psychological evaluation before treatment will be approved.

Holding aside all moral judgment for the moment what is being done in the state of Oregon is truly different. They are the first state in America to sanction doctor assisted death, euthanasia, and in the world they are one of the first provinces to allow a person to choose, maybe not the manner of their death, but at least the timing. Let’s think about this for a second. There is a place that exists in the world, as we speak, which a person may choose to end their lives without legal and or moral stigma? That is a very interesting and new concept at least to me.

Let’s be honest any person can commit suicide if they wanted to, but if you had children and threw yourself off the roof in California or New York (even with a terminal disease) your children would have a conundrum whenever asked the question, “Did you ever have a parent who committed suicide.” It poses a new paradigm in physiology, law, and medicine.

People have tried unsuccessfully to repeal MEasure 51, as it was called on the ballot. Meaning either Oregon is so far left, they will not go back on this issue, or the people of Oregon and maybe the greater elderly communities of the world are asking the world’s collective to accept the fact that people may want to die earlier than their supposed time frame.

What is interesting to note is that not all those who are approved and receive the lethal dose pills end up dying taking them. Some have died before they could take the dose, naturally or unnaturally (however you wish to see it) from their terminal cancers, or decided not to take the dosage. But approximately 65% or 59 of 95 patients died from ingesting the lethal dose prescribed in 2010.

As a doctor I am quite torn on the subject because although as compassionate caregivers we wish the least amount of pain for our patients. I also don’t believe that physicians have a code to live by, the hippocratic oath which basically goes: Do no harm. This idea of having your doctor help you to decide to end your own life may put this oath in conflict. But as a leftist liberal I believe, as is the case with abortion, that we should ultimately be given the option and choice to do something and leave it up to the individual to make the ultimate decision. Could you imagine if abortions were never legal in this country. Maybe one day we will look back and say, could you ever have thought there was a time where terminal patients weren’t able to relieve their suffering?

You can access the Death With Dignity act statistical information on their website:
and for further information watch How to Die in Oregon, documentary directed by Peter Richardson.

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HPV – Human Papilloma Virus and the continuing debate on vaccination vs. autism

There is no more intensely argued debate this upcoming decade than the vaccination vs. autism debate currently ongoing. Not since Roe v. Wade, has a a subject (then it was abortions) successfully polarized the nation. On one side of the argument we have health care practitioners and health care researchers who assure us that the causality link between certain childhood vaccinations and nuerodevelopmental diseases like autism and Asperger’s (an autism spectrum disorder that causes social interaction problems and repetitive behavior with the difference being Asperger patients retain their linguistic skills and are not as cognitively challenged; some doctors have suggested dropping the Asperger’s diagnosis and defining it as mild autism). On the other hand we have dedicated parents (some of who are celebrities like Jenny McCarthy) who will swear by the hand of god that the symptoms of their children were the direct result of having a certain standard vaccinations like MMR – measles, mumps, rubella. With the news that the HPV vaccine is being mandated to high school females has reignited the debate.

First let us get out of the way the notion that vaccines don’t work. I don’t think there is anyone who will disagree with the fact that the introduction of inoculations by DR. Edward Jenner in 1792 (a man with the epithet of saving the most lives in history) eradicated the smallpox vaccine, which was a deadly pandemic killing millions worldwide. Before I reiterate Jenner’s story let me say he is not the first to introduce inoculations. They had been doing this in ancient China and India, and the knowledge was actually brought from the Ottoman empire around 1716 by the wife of an English ambassador Lady Mary Wortley Mantagu. Jenner found studies that noticed that milkmaids working with cows with cowpox seemed to be immune from smallpox. His 17 recorded, but most publicized patient was an 8 year old boy. They took pus from a milkmaids hand, scraped it off onto a wooden board, then injected it into both the left and right arms. The boy produced a fever, but no serious maladies and was consequently immune to smallpox. Two things are significant: 1) the makeup of disease changed in our world seemingly overnight. The greatest indiscriminate killers, the many viruses that decimated 3rd and 1st world countries alike. 2) We have our first recorded case of an immunogenic response to a vaccination. A fever may be not much at all considering the lives that particular vaccination has saved, but that there is a fever at all shows that the immune system must invariably respond to the inoculation/vaccination. What happens when the immune system is triggered to react in a negative way because of the introduction of viral particles.

Let us be clear, a vaccination is comprised of live attenuated viral particles or inactivated vaccines. So what’s the diff? Attentuated viral particles have been treated in such a way as to say they are less virulent (meaning they make it harder for the virus to become active in the body, however it is alive. As opposed to the inactivated vaccines where the viral particles have been cut up, so to say, like stir fry. However like stir fry, the vaccine needs added chemicals so the body can more easily absorb them, also the vaccines like any product have a shelf life and so substances are introduced needing preservatives. In comes the mercury, aluminum, thimersol debate.

The majority of doctors and medical researchers will tell you there is enough medical literature to say there is absolutely no causal link between vaccines and autism/Aspergers. They contend that those children who get autistic symptoms immediately after a vaccination were already “predisposed” to having autism. This is a funny way of saying that those kids were damned already and the medical community is somehow doing you a favor by triggering it earlier. These same researcher will tell you that their medical data shows that commonly babies will receive their first immunogenic response with their first inoculation, meaning they don’t doubt that vaccination will cause your baby to have it’s first fever.

Why should we trust an industry that is married to the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s take the case of Cutter laboraties in 1955. Their supposedly killed Salk vaccine ended up actually and accidentally having live polio virus. This caused 40,000 cases of transient polio, 51 cases of paralytic polio , and 5 deaths. Once outrage was heard the vaccine was discontinued, of course, but through to 1960 they were still adminstereing the Cutter product. Why?

This is from the Oschner journal article titled “Childhood Immunization Controversies: What Are Parents Asking?” by Daniel R. Bronfin, MD

“Since the introduction of OPV by Dr. Sabin in the early 1960s, it was known that roughly 4 or 5 children in the United States per year would acquire vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP). In the early 1960s, this was felt to be acceptable based on the superiority of the live vaccine in that it provided greater herd immunity, eliminated the carrier state, proved more cost effective, was easier to administer, and exponentially reduced transmission compared to the less effective killed vaccine (IPV). These infrequent cases of VAPP need to be considered in the context of the late 1950s prior to polio vaccination, when more than 16,000 children per year in the United States were afflicted with natural paralytic polio.”

Here is evidence by a known medical researcher that states it for every 4000 children vaccinated that 1 would have paralytic polio, and that this is an acceptable rate. I have no contention with this point, however, how do we then explain the great leap of the autism spectrum conditions in the last 10-20 years. Autism is now at a high 1/1000 children and that I believe is a conservative estimate, 1/500-750 seems more appropriate, though I am no epidemiologist, but I probably wouldn’t have trouble finding statistics to support those numbers.

How do we continue to trust researchers who say, “your baby was genetically predisposed to having autism” because that doesn’t change the fact that the trigger was a state sanctioned vaccination. Additionally, I argue that if it is assumed that vaccinations save millions of lives, but also increase the rates of autism then what does that do financially and for quality of life of those families. One cannot put a price on life, but it may also be possible that the cost of having an autistic child may strain the quality of life of the parents and other family members. Please do not misunderstand this statement to mean that unequivocally an autistic child may cost more to care for than a healthy baby. Babies are expensive enough as it is.

MMR have definitely correlated to a decrease in measles and mumps in the population especially when looking at the data, withdrawal of the vaccinations have led to correlated increases in those conditions. Diptheria and tetanus (DPT shot), one we commonly get as babies and adults (if you get cut and the doctor asks you DPT shot last ten years?) have known side effects including sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. Diptheria and tetany are uncommon in modern cities, but do we thank DPT shots, the group DPT, Distraught Parents Together might have something to say.

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The Bucha Effect…

Also known as Flicker Vertigo and related to photsensitive epilepsy, the Bucha effect happens when a strobing light pattern causes nausea, vertigo, and disorientation. Think of Japanese kids seizing on their home carpets infront of the TV to some Power Rangers like show.

In the 1950’s Dr. Bucha was commissioned to do a study on why helicopters were going down withtout cuase. The surviving pilots said the felt disoriented, nauseous, and could not use the fine motor skills needed to control the helicopter. Dr. Bucha found that the helicopter blades were creating a strobelight effect where the pattern of frequency was 1-20 Hz per second. This range approximates the range at which the human brain functions.

The use of this can be seen in the Gulf War torture rooms or in Guantanamo Bay where the strobing effect was used to degrade and torture people. Along with the “Barney” technique, which for those who don’t know some prisoners were made to listen to Barney the dinosaur sing “I Love You, You love me” ad nauseum. The origin and use of these techniques is talked about in the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. Better yet and more detailed is the book written by Jon Ronson.

Apparently, the Bucha effect itself does not directly cause fear, as commonly reported, but causes vertigo and disorientation. However the constant stimulus and symptoms can cause fear and anxiety based on their inability to control the stimulus. This is how I explain it: Imagine having a bright light shined on your eyes for 20-30 seconds. Then immediately turn off the light. In the dark, people will commonly experience a disorientation until the photoreceptors in the eyes have time to adjust. Now imagine that you are constantly experiencing that disorientation. After a while you will get nauseous and your inability to control the stimulus may be discomforting. Now imagine trying to drive a car in that state and you will get the notion of the effect that some helicopter pilots have suffered. Notice now that all blackhawk pilots wear dark sunglasses. I’m starting to think that the Army knows more about these phenomenon than they will allow the public to know.

The way I understand it physiologically, and this is not my interpretation but a paraphrasing of something I found on the internet, is that the photoreceptors in the eyes need a certain amount of time to relay the visual image to the brain so it can be interpreted. The strobing pattern interferes with this and becuase of the bombardment of stimuli, the brain and its corresponding functions are seized. In normal people it will cause disorientation, but people who are more susceptible to seizures may be encouraged to have a full on photosensitive epileptic seizure. For most kids watching Pokemon, they may feel a little quesy at the most, but for those children with some nuerological abnormalities, the Bucha effect may induce seizure.

After hearing about the great band Joy Division, whose lead singer had photosensitive epilepsy and commited suicide, and after hearing about the Bucha effect, it occured to me that there is a relation between certain light patterns and our state of mind. (The remaining Joy Division group member went on to found the 80’s band New Order)

Chiropractic neurology is an alternative nuerological program that in some areas has startling discoveries in the practical thereaputic application of certain sound frequencies or patterns and/or visual light stimulus to positively affect patients with such diverse misunderstood conditions like true ADHD, autism, epileptic seizures. Dr. Carricks institute has some elite professionals who, as I have heard it anecdoted to me by other doctors, have without a doubt brought people out of seizures with a ryhtmic snapping of the fingers or by just showing them a piece of cloth with alternating colors on them. I am not chiropractic neurologist, just a chiropractor interested in nuerology, and so I cannot attest to having personally witnessed this. As opposed to the army’s practical use of Dr. Bucha’s effect, chiropractic nuerology seems to be at the other end of the spectrum in trying to help people with neurological conditions.


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