Muscles are like sausages lesson

08 Dec

Hello world, been a while since I last posted, but they will be more frequent now that I have a new android phone. 

My first lesson today is to talk about muscles and fascia. Many time we feel aches and pains, as well as strains in the muscles of the arms, forearms, back, head, and neck area. These pains are not just a function of the muscular strain, but also we must take into consideration what minor chronic injuries like sprains and strains do to the fascia. 

First, muscles are like sausages. They are bundled together to perform a certain function. This bundling keeps them together and working in unison. Like a sausage, the muscular bundle is encased in varying thickness layers of fascia. So in a sense the fascia and muscle can move independently of each other which can lead to friction between the two.

The doctor is always telling people to stay hydrated, “8 cups of water or more” a day. Well here is one reason why that adage still holds. Hydration keeps the fascia from sticking to the muscle or bone, or adhering to those surfaces. Adhesion can cause muscular pain, nerve entrapment (causing peripheral nerve pain) and irritation. Adhesive type chronic injuries include, Morton’s neuroma of the sole of the foot, adhesive capsulitis (aka frozen shoulder), simple sprain and strains of musclature, and back pain of all kinds. 

Masseuses may work on the muscular component, but it is important that they address the fascial components with techniques such as deep tissue.

When the fascia has adhered to the muscle or surrounding structures they can cause the area to become inflammed and induce swelling. When the swelling begins to affect structures based on the lesion taking up space then you may get conditions like true carpal tunnel syndrome in the hand or tarsal tunnel syndrome of the medial ankle.

Many people have muscle pains that they live with everyday, but just a little knowledge of the body can help bring you and your family closer to optimal health.

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