It’s about that time again….Snow!

18 Nov

Yesiree, it is nearing the time of year where all the snow bunnies and boarders go up to the mountains and pay $60-100 to get sunburn on the lower half of their face and neck. It also means it is about the time I take my dog up to Mammoth, or more specifically June Mountain.

One of the things I enjoy most about those trips is that when you eat meat, you are almost assured that the cattle is free range. If you drive towards Bishop you’ll notice the vast nothingness and cattle feeding surrounded by mountains on one side and desert on the other. Don’t be fooled, meat here is (dare I say) better here than in the midwest. I am talking about the best bacon you’ve ever had, next to healthy portions of succulent red meat.

However, on these trips I have also noticed the great variety of other meat sources. For instance, not far from the Lone Pine entrance to mount Whitney is a cafe where you can get Buffalo meat.

Yes I said it, buffalo, meat. It actually tastes better than red meat. It has more omega-3-fatty acids, which are important to the regulation of your nervous system. This is because of the type of feed, lack of industrialized meat packaging plants, and the free-range life of the animals. As much as industrialization has helped us to overcome the Nazi’s in WWII, it has also become the bane of healthy nutrition.

Trust me when I say that Buffalo meat is leaner but cooks up juicier. Notwithstanding the meaty taste is incredible. Another alternative meat choice that I have sampled would be Ostrich meat. Doesn’t sound appealling, but not disgusting either. I found the taste enjoyable, but strange. It’s like eating a piece of red meat but with a chicken texture to the red meat. Interesting, but somehow as I ate it I could distinctly tell I was eating some kind of bird.

Next on my list, alligator meat…..

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Posted by on November 18, 2011 in Health Restorations


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