Ley Lines… Acupunture for Mother Earth?…. Also RIP Joe Frazier

09 Nov

Funny how I just posted about Smoking Joe Frazier because of a program I watched about him and Ali the day before and without knowing that he had passed away yesterday. I guess that’s what you call Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon (see previous post).

I have a curious mind. I want to know a little about everything out there. When I came across some anthropological texts about Ley lines years ago, I didn’t much pay enough attention. However, when I started to study other subjects that overlap with the idea of ley lines the things I had learned about them came rushing to the surface from the back recesses of my mind.

What are Ley lines. Well, geographically, ancient man seemed to be a collective genius. Somehow people that our history says were our ancient forefathers, illiterate caveman who picked berries, hunted wild animals, grunted at each other, and clubbed their women seemed also capable of advance mathematics, acts of engineering that baffle even the most skilled modern scientists, and could geographically place cities in such a way as to mimic exactly the position of the stars. Ley lines are considered like the energetic pathways of the known earth. They seemingly connect ancient burial sites with great ancient cities to ruins of civilizations many miles apart. From examples like the poisitioning of the great pyramids or the monuments of Easter Island they are one of those out of place artifacts (OOPA) or mysteries that can’t be solved by our microcosmicly narrow view of our immediate surroundings.

How do differing cultures encompassing various points in time over the last 10,000 years seem to build structures that have a seemingly definite geographical relation, creating a pattern unbeknowest to them. Are Nazca lines random? Is the fact that the Giza pyramids geopgraphical layout mirrors exactly that of Orion’s belt (also the great ancient cities of Mesopotamia Eridu, sipar, and shupurrak share the same geographical layout) also just mere coincidence?

Although I am not anthropological scientist, I am a doctor with some study in alternative forms of medicine and treatment. Acupunture, I have found, has similar misunderstood intracacies and mysteries that cannot be understood with the narrow logic of modern science, but humans are trained to recognize patterns. That this baffling pattern has been seen from space and cannot be easliy explained away is similar to acupuncture with its myriad of energetic pathways leads me to believe that whoever built these ancient sites either had the knowledge of one who can view the earth’s energetic pattern from above, or that these sites have inherent magnetic/spiritual power that our earlier ancestors were drawn to. Neither explains the mysteries of this world, but they do lead us to throw down some of the conventional ideas about history, modern and ancient man, etc.

Let us propose for a moment that the earth as a whole is an organic being like a human (gives new meaning to Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man), if acupunture has some efficacy on a human wouldn’t the presence or absence of certain structures along certain pathways maybe act in some way (either positively or negatively) as acupunture for mother earth. I am not clever enough to come up with such an assessment all by myself, and this idea has been suggested by other scholars of various expertise.

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