Flu season is coming

11 Oct

So flu season is upon us and here are some tips on keeping from getting sick and what to do if you are caught with a flu.

1) Don’t be sacred into getting a flu shot every year. Though in theory they can prevent people catching a certain flu strain there are literally thousands of types of the influenza virus and there isn’t a gaurantee that the strain they have chosen will cover all types you may come into contact with. If you want some protection and/or peace of mind against this years epidemic think of B-vitamin shots. They can properly buffer your immune system against normal viral pathogens

2) Keep your body temperature from fluctuating. As the weather (from glabal warming?) changes from extremely hot one day to extremely cold the next, it can be disastrous to the immune system, especially for those who have compromised immune function. Making your body adjust drastically can weaken your body by diverting some of the energy resources usually used for fighting off infections and viruses, to maintain body temperature. Also muscles can become unusually tight and strained after such weather, and many patients will experience muscle pains after a series of hot then cold days.

3) The usual stuff, stay hydrated eat healthy, don’t stay up too late, are all important for circadian rhythms which if how your body knows time of day. Having good habit equates to a better routine which equates to more predictability for your body.

4) Stay active. Lack of movement causes your body to become stagnant and inflexible. Staying active and doing some form of exercise help to keep the blood moving. Circulation is how the body breathes, as opposed to the lungs which is how the body integrates oxygen into the blood. The better the circulation the better your joints and muscles stay “clean”. I use the word clean because blood sort of washes and simultaneously nourishes

If you get sick:

1) Drink hot water, honey, lemon. My favorite flu homeopathic remedy. The citrus helps with the Vitamin C, the hot water with maintaining body temperature and loosening phlegm, and the honey keeps the citrus acid from affecting your esophagus as well as smooth coating your throat.

2) Sleep often. The body does a lot of reconstruction while your sleeping because some systems have been shut off, like digestion, giving them the ability to fight off the infection/virus. So in terms of repair, rest is crucial.

3) Get a massage. One of the most common symptoms of the flu is malaise and muscle pains. When you experience muscle aches while sick, you can assume that those muscle aren’t getting proper fluid for whatever reason. A light massage eases muscle symptoms, increases circulation, and gives the patient some form of personal attention (not everyone has mom to tuck them in adn spoon feed them chicken noodle soup.

4) Eat. When you’re ill your apettite may not seem up to par. Food doesn’t taste good, and the act of eating seems a joyless drudgery. However, it is better to give your body nutrients to work with rather than starve. You’ve probably heard the adage “Feed a cold, starve a fever”. Although it is alittle coarse and simplistic, it is a good template to go by. My rationale is this: A fever is an immune response to pathogens in the body, because the body naturally knows that higher temperatures can help to kill off bacterial and viral pathogens (it’s like in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” when advantage goes to the army that chooses the battleground). Not eating during that time can help to keep the temperature high enough to give your immune system the edge. just make sure the body temperature doesn’t go above 104 degrees, at that point you need a cold bath to keep your precious brain cells from dying off due to denaturing proteins. Virus and bacteria don’t get nutrition from the food we eat, they get their nutrition from us ( whether they are parasitic or symbiotic), so eating feeds our immune army while doing nothing for the viral bacterial army.

5) Hygiene. Be and stay clean. It’s best not to give your body more to fight off in terms of bacteria so they can concentrate on the problem at hand and dirt can affect a person biologically and also in a psychological way. Wash your hands so you don’t spread the germ to your colleagues and try not to sneeze in an enclosed room. If you sneeze use the inside of your elbow to buffer the sneeze the way a surgeon would.

Use common sense and don’t party while you’re sick. Trust me that the tequila remedy for sore throats doesn’t work they way you think it would. Unless waking up in a gutter is your form of getting well.

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