Head Cheese? Good eating?

16 May

Isn’t cheese at all. It is the cold cut version of the all the pieces of meat that come on a pig or cow’s head, including the ears, cheeks, head musculature and the collagen from the intramuscular fat on the head. Imagine a bologna slice with more layers, or a terrine suspended in aspic (aspic is kind of like a gelatin made from animal fats).

I’m sure it doesn’t sound appealing at all, but anyone who has ever eaten a good slice of bologna will not go back if they try head cheese and really not as daunting as people make it out to be.

Remember that cheek bone on any animal is one of the best pieces of lean meat. When we eat a whole steamed fish for a  chinese dinner (especially at a restaurant) the cheek meat, though small, is always the best morsel. When roasting pig, the cheek bone is the next to the skin as the best meat, I also like the ears.

We should embrace foods that other people frown upon and remember that the gastrointestinal system is an organ that is conditioned to function according to what it is being fed. Much like speech therapist say the (can’t remember the researcher who found this out) that a baby can speak any language that is taught or spoken, so can any food be liked or disliked. It is the matter of conditioning our mind to enjoy it and when the body has a chance to experience something repeatedly it will become familiar. Once familiar, a person may come to say he or she  likes or enjoys it. I’ll expound more on this in my next topic


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