Osama vs Obama

03 May

I have heard so many conspiracy theories regarding wether he is really dead or not, that I won’t comment on that but to say that the photos that I have seen are all doctored and I believe the US government will not release them unless they are forced by public opinion.

Let me first say personally that I didn’t feel like celebrating after I heard the news, and no one in the restuarant who saw the initial Obama press release was high fiving or celebrating. It is a joyless act, assasination, but with that said I would like to say this… That man deserved to die, not just for the controversial 911 bombing, but if only for the innocent people he’s killed in Africa in the form of American and British embassies.

I also have circumstantial evidence that his Al-Qaida group was indirectly responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing perpetuated by Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols. I’ve read book asserting the fact that records show McVeigh and his partner going to parts of Afghanistan or Pakistan (can’t remember which, I think Afghanistan because this is right after the Mujahadeen defeat the Russians) to learn intricate bomb making skills and they may have even come face to face with bin Laden (although there is no proof of them meeting, I can however place bin Laden in the area at the time because it is about this time his assets are frozen in Algeria and he was vehemently being pursued due to his possible involvement with Ramsi Yousef and the first World Trade Bombing.

OKC bombing was the worst “domestic” terrorist attack and the worst terrorist act on American soil until 911.

Little known fact, Osama Bin Laden owned a company in Algeria which owned an overwhelming percentage of the worlds gum arabic. This product is used in lithography, ink type setting, newspapers, chewing gum, cosmetics, fireworks, carbonated beverages, postage stamp and envelope adhesives, watercolor paints, photography, and various pharmaceutical products. For those beginning scientists or mythbuster fanatics, gum arabic (along with surface area) may be one of the catalysts in your Diet Coke, Mentos eruption experiments.

Fact is if you purchased any of the products in the from 80’s or 90’s then some of your money was going to fund militant Islamic terrorist cells and guys like Carlos the Jackal.

Samuel Huntington, an author of many Social Science textbooks said, much of the confilct happening in the world is happening along lines where Muslim cultures come into contact with Christian values and culture. Some authors assert that Coca cola, and Mickey Mouse are products of the globablizing world economy and Muslim values wish to isolate their families, culture, and especially women from these products but are unable to.

For other instances of militant Islamic terrorism see: the movie Munich by Steven Spielberg (better yet check out the original mini-series starring Manolo from Scarface, it’s a great movie called “Sword of Gideon” and fairly accurate), documentary exists of the Nord-Ost Theatre hostage event that took place in Moscow 2002 (very powerful live footage in the doc show recordings from both the theatre occupants and the Chechen rebels, a disproportional amount of whom were women)

I do really hope that he is dead, but i don’t feel celebratory about it. And remember that Osama is like the old generation of terrorists, there is always a new generation of willing Islamic soldiers ready to take his place and we may yet see someone even more dangerous than bin Laden arise from the ashes of the Al-Qaida regime (I’m guessing from Lebanon, where the strongest of the Al-Qaida sub cells is still very active


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