Prevacid, indigestion, bad breath and the chiropractic solution.

29 Apr

I’m sure many of you have eaten a meal and felt horrible afterwards. This seems to happen to me every time I eat at burgerKing. Or every been on a trip to the mountains had a large meal and felt like you couldn’t do anything for a couple of hours. The problem is indigestion.

Indigestion is when food in the stomach has not been properly digested so the nutrients can be absorbed by the small intestines. Have you every eaten a big meal and tried to do physical activity? Or why is it that we are always told not to go swimming until half an hour after eating. Indigestion.

What is the major condition that advertisers of pepto bismol, Tums, and Rolaids fight over. The answer indigestion. A result of our faced paced lifestyle of fastfood, fast work, and fast sleep, indigestion has become a serious problem. When food is not properly digested the body is made to carry the extra weight until it can be digested.

A tell-tale sign of indigestion, halitosis, or bad breath. The same mechanism that breaks down garlic and makes a person’s breath smell like Dracula’s nightmare, can lead to putrid smelling food in the stomach if the food is not broken down. You must distinguish bad breath coming from the stomach from bad breath coming from an infection in the mouth or tooth, which is easy because the bad breath of indigestion smells like rotting food and not rotting teeth.

The problem is not indigestion because that is bound to happen to someone sooner or later, the problem is lifestyle related. Fast eating leads to indigestion which leads to TUms and Rolaids which leads to more indigestion. Let me explain.

The stomach is primarily a tissue covered sack that can release peptic acid at the right times and can hold a high acidic level. When the acidity is too low, or not being secreted, then the food is under digested. Physical activity shuts off the mechanism telling the stomach to release more acid, so the problem logically is that the stomach is not acidic enough. The problem with pepto bismol and Tums is that they are like milk, made to coat and neutralize the acid. Why make something less acidic when the problem is not enough acidity. Prevacid is like a doctor prescribed drug used to treat acid reflux or GERD (an entirely different condition than indigestion), which is when backflow of stomach acid hits the esophagus, but Prevacid is being handed around restaurant and chef circles like Viagra in the porn industry.

If you want to treat indigestion, then it’s logical that making your stomach more acidic will help to digest the material. My best remedy for this situation is drinking a shot glass of white distilled vinegar. Apple Cider vinegar will give it a taste other than burning acid, but won’t help much. The extra acid will jump start the digestion processes. You may be tempted to drink something right away, but don’t as it may dilute the vinegar. Doesn’t taste great but it works a lot better than peptbismol or milk.

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