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22 Apr

Some quick additions to my some of my previous posts.

The Tarahumara or Raramuri Indians don’t run completely barefoot. They wear huaraches, a thick sole of leather that acts as a second layer of skin. Examples of these can be found on along with Vibram among other sites that show you how to make your own from available material. Also check out this article about Christopher McDougal author of Born to Run, about the devolution of running shoes and gait patterns:

Variant Creutz-feld Jakobs or (vCJD) is what you call mad cow disease when it has crossed species from bovine to human. As it crosses species the incubation times double, meaning that the beginning of the first symptom may be set back for possible more than 10 years from the first infection. The incubation period is already very long for this type of disease and causes difficulty in studying. What this means for the meat eating population is that if they are infected with the vCJD, it may take 10 years until any symptoms arise making epidemiology studies (study of cause of a specific disease) and statistic gathering fairly difficult. Though the disease is rare in both cattle and humans, the fact may well be that some dormant cases of tainted beef may surface in the future.

Scariest of all the prions in kuru and mad cow disease are resistant to denaturing from cooking, so just cooking your beef well done may not be enough to kill these type of pathogens.

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