Seth Material

23 Mar

Perused a book about cancer fighting methods that had in it one very focal point. The book was called Reborn at the End of the Road, can’t recall the author. The doctor who wrote it spent many years researching why people get sick and even went into the Psychiatric field to find the answers. His conclusion was that it wasn’t important if our food had hormones, or what cancer causing agents we had come into contact with. What was more detrimental to our health than the amount of cancer causing agents we were exposed to  was the negative awareness created by the elucidation that these substances were harmful.

Now think about that for a moment. It is not what we put in our bodies that makes the big difference, but how we perceive the dangers, fears, consequences, etc. For example, a person may be warned about obesity and food habits, and work diligently to change those things making him healthier, but if the patient felt the fear and anxiety of those consequences, those implanted negative thoughts that caused the initial fear and anxiety may have negative repercussion themselves.

If we are to believe that this new model of healthcare that takes into account the Biopsychosocial aspect of ill being, then we have to consider this idea as much as we consider what we are going to put in our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m like Papa John’s when it comes to the body “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” but just maybe there is an overemphasis on the causal effect of those substances. Why is it if a Maqui berry can make one person lose 30 pounds it cannot reproduce this effect in every individual. What varies is not the substance, it’s mechanism in vivo, or how much or at what time a substance was taken. The only difference is the difference in perception because although two people may share similar experiences and the game of conciousness is played on common ground, people may choose to percieve events differently.

Seth Material is a set of reading that was put into words by Jane Roberts, a supposed psychic medium along the lines of Edgar Cayce. Though the story of how this knowledge came to be in writing seems cryptic, the material has spawned the New Age movement. Reborn at the End of the Road pays homage to this set of works.

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Posted by on March 23, 2011 in Health Restorations


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