Knee problems: Another Reason to Stay Healthy and See Your Chiropractor

16 Mar

Don’t ever get a traumatic injury to the knee. When these problems become chronic as they do for many people (due to lack of treatment, or waiting until insurance covers it, etc) they can lead to problems with mobility that can lead to weight gain, which can lead to more stress on the structures of the knee. A vicious cycle that if not healed can lead to hip degeneration and that is the main focus of what we are trying to avoid. Hip surgeries are difficult, have a higher chance of infection due to the sensitive lymph nodes in the area, and the prognosis of life expectancy goes down

There are two types of major categories when it comes to knee problems: degenerative and traumatic. Other factors like age, length of time before diagnosis and treatment, can affect the healing process, but chances are if you have a problem with the knee that hasn’t gotten better over time, then you either had a traumatic injury to it and steps were not taken to correct the issue, or postural and gait issues (gait is the way a person walks) have caused a constant stress that impacts the knee and compresses it’s structures making the ligaments tight.

If you had a knee problem that started suddenly with or without an injurious event, please see a doctor. You may be requested to take an MRI (to see ligamentous structures) or and x-ray to rule out fractures.

I will expand on the subject in later posts. For questions contact


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