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Calf Stretches

I know most of you have been taught to stretch the calf by pushing against the wall with your hands and placing the ankle at an acute angle. Though this is a very good way of stretching, the body like diversity when it comes to stretches and workout regimens. Problems with tight calves happen in almost all running and jumping sports, and anyone who has every had a cramp in the calf will tell you that they cannot perform at 100% for fear of tearing the musculature and getting a sprain/strain. Here is another way to target the calves for muscle lengthening. Step 1 – This stretch can be done against any wall, but it may help to do this near doorways where there is something for you to hold onto and pull. For this reason I tell people to face the frame of a doorway as if you were going to protect yourself in an earthquake. Step 2 – Place the foot of the calf to be stretched with the sole of the foot against the bottom of the frame. Step 3 – Holding the door frame for support, pull your pelvis closer to the frame. the resulting stretch should be held at least 20 seconds as it takes the fibers of the calf muscle a little more time to lengthen.

Stay healthy and active!


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Pain underneath the Shoulderblade?

Could be subluxated rib. A Luxation is a full dislocation of a joint, so a subluxation is a offsetting of a joint that is less than a dislocation. The ribcage is the housing unit for your upper torso and its vesceral contents (ie heart, lungs, etc)  and they separately attach to the sternum in the front and the vertebral bodies that make up the spine in the back. When a rib is subluxated the person may experience a sharp or dull painthat is not characterized as being in the middle of the spine, but further toward the lateral sides of the body usually occuring underneath the shoulderblades and may continue for a prolonged period of time.

As a rib pushed out the back it may injure the thoracic spine musculature which is why the most common symptom is dull or sharp pain that is irritated on movement possibly even  upon inhalation. The back is not the only area affected as patients with a “rib out” will also feell palpatory tenderness on the corresponding rib at its attachment on the sternum.

If you get symptoms like this, see a chiropractor right away. It is usually a 1-3 visit type of injury and most patients feel instant relief after a rib adjustment. For fellow chiropractors upper ribs may involve the shoulder mechanism and/or sternoclavicular joint relating the problem to scalenes and overly tight pectoral muscles.

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Seth Material

Perused a book about cancer fighting methods that had in it one very focal point. The book was called Reborn at the End of the Road, can’t recall the author. The doctor who wrote it spent many years researching why people get sick and even went into the Psychiatric field to find the answers. His conclusion was that it wasn’t important if our food had hormones, or what cancer causing agents we had come into contact with. What was more detrimental to our health than the amount of cancer causing agents we were exposed to  was the negative awareness created by the elucidation that these substances were harmful.

Now think about that for a moment. It is not what we put in our bodies that makes the big difference, but how we perceive the dangers, fears, consequences, etc. For example, a person may be warned about obesity and food habits, and work diligently to change those things making him healthier, but if the patient felt the fear and anxiety of those consequences, those implanted negative thoughts that caused the initial fear and anxiety may have negative repercussion themselves.

If we are to believe that this new model of healthcare that takes into account the Biopsychosocial aspect of ill being, then we have to consider this idea as much as we consider what we are going to put in our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m like Papa John’s when it comes to the body “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza” but just maybe there is an overemphasis on the causal effect of those substances. Why is it if a Maqui berry can make one person lose 30 pounds it cannot reproduce this effect in every individual. What varies is not the substance, it’s mechanism in vivo, or how much or at what time a substance was taken. The only difference is the difference in perception because although two people may share similar experiences and the game of conciousness is played on common ground, people may choose to percieve events differently.

Seth Material is a set of reading that was put into words by Jane Roberts, a supposed psychic medium along the lines of Edgar Cayce. Though the story of how this knowledge came to be in writing seems cryptic, the material has spawned the New Age movement. Reborn at the End of the Road pays homage to this set of works.

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Off the Subject

I am primarily using this blog for medical professional reasons, but we all need a break from work stuff now and then.

If anyone has seen the movie Munich and liked Speilberg’s portrayal of the incident should also watch the movie: The Sword of Gideon (1986) starring Steve Bauer and Michael York. Great movie, with a real humanistic ending. Both were based on the same book Vengeance (1984) by George Jonas.

My hobby is history and events and the social ramifications of such things. For instance did you know that we banned opium, a legally distributed pharmaceutical at the time, because American businessmen were worried that while they were away their wives were consorting in opium dens because of the addiction acquired by prescription from a doctor. To simplify, opium was made illegal in Chinese communities and later nationally for the reason that white males did not want Chinese immigrants sleeping with their women. Similar stories with Filipinos (see Carlos Bulosan author) and other immigrant communities that were brought here to create the infrastructure of this country.

Never gonna use guitar tab sites anymore. Found a site with the rhythm tabs called Freaking great. Learning David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Billy Idol’s Cradle of Love.

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Hamstring stretching for Low Back Pain

When it comes to low back pain, the umbrella term covers many conditions. Some of the more common ones include: sprain or strain of musculature, central and lateral stenosis of the vertebral column, herniated discs, fractures, bruises and postural inadequacies leading to such symptoms as sciatic nerve pain, dull , achy, or sharp pain.

If you’ve been in an accident please see your chiropractor to ensure there aren’t any fractures or ligamentous instability. And please discontinue stretches if they increase the pain of your main complaint.

There is a improper stretching method that has been taught to us all, and that is reaching for your toes. Any physical therapist, chiropractor or doctor of osteopathy worth his salt knows that toe reaching does not stretch the back properly, it stretches the hamstring. And though I agree that hamstring stretches are important to back tension properly doing them can take the strain away from those who already do have a back issue.

Step one: Place the leg to be stretched on ledge one foot or less from the ground with the other foot planted firmly on the ground.

Step 2: Straighten the toes of both feet to point forward

Step 3: Place hands on your hips and point the index fingers. This will give you an indication if your pelvis is pointing straight ahead. Reposition your pelvis being careful not to lose your balance.

Step4: Now for the stretch. Instead of reaching for your toes bend your body in half as if closing a book.If you place a hand on your back muscles they should be straight and relaxed. If done correctly you should not have to bend too far. I like to put my palms out as if pushing an imaginary wall. This will encourage the correct movement for the pelvis.

Hamstring stretches are effective for back tension and pain as tightness in the large muscles of the hamstring apply tension to the pelvis which in turn can place stress on the structures of the low back.


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Chiropractic care and basketball

With all the march madness stuff going on I thought I’d highlight injuries in a sport which I know fairly well. Basketball is a game of finesse and speed, where the physics of the game can lead to a fair amount of strains and sprains.

First a sprain is what happens to your ankle when it is “rolled” where the ligament is sprained beyond its elastic limit. A strain is the same process when a muscle or muscle group is involved, for instance you hear about ball players straining their calf or hamstring. Cramping happens when the muscle is overfatigued and has begun producing lactic acid in response to the lack of oxygen.

Though paling in comparison to football when it comes down to traumatic injuries, ankle, knee, and hip issues can be a problem. Even more problematic are wrist, elbow, and shoulder mechanism as tehy are crucial to the shooting mechanism. I could talk ad nauseum on how improving mechanics can improve basketball skills but I am speaking in the capacity of a doctor so how to prevent and treat basketball injuries.

Stretching has always been a staple of organized basketball, but does stretching decrease injuries? Some studies say that they don’t and some athletes that stretch are at greater risk. “Have you ever seen a lion stretch before it takes down a a gazelle” Woody Harrelson’s character says in the movie Zombieland. So why do we do if it can increase injuries? I think the answer can be found in weight lifters. notice that weightlifters don’t so much as stretch, but ready their mind and body to perform the action they will have to perform. So in this sense a mental and physical warm up are crucial to high performance and the stretching is how most of us “get ready”. I suggest warming up to replace stretching as the appropriate term.

If you are a 2-guard or shooting guard then warming up the shooting muscles of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Slashers should ready their knees and ankles to cut in a timely fashion. Centers should ready their lower limbs and squats can help them build that lower body strength. Rebounders should warm up their quads and calves, and dunkers should be aware of where their feet land.

If you get an injury, ice as soon as possible for 15 minutes being careful not to get frost bite (I find ice water works best for swelling), and see a doctor who may suggest an x-ray to see if there are any fractures. If it’s just a simple sprain 2-6 weeks recovery time depending on the extent or grade of injury. There are many treatments out there that can benefit you, talk to your chiropractor about what faster healing options are available.

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A term that is commonly thrown around to indicate back pain. Orthopedic doctors like to throw this term around loosely because it includes such symptoms as radiating pain down the leg, chronic muscle stiffness and such. I do not like the term, along with terms like arthritis, mainly because they are umbrella terms denoting a symptom and do not indicate a cause of the offending event. There are several causes of sciatica as there are several for arthritis.

For example, sciatica can be caused by what is called piriformis syndrome, where the thick almost ligamentous band of muscle called the piriformis clamps down on the very large sciatic nerve. Low back pain of this sort is said by patients to originate from deep within the buttock. Herniated disk may also cause sciatica depending on the level of their location. The treatment of both are slightly dissimilar

If a doctor is saying you have sciatic pain, press him more for an explanation of where the problem is and if you been in a traumatic situation (i.e. car accident or slip and fall) then get x-rays and/or an mri to get a clearer picture. It’s about time we started taking charge of our own individual health and responsibility for our own well-being.

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